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Chime is an online and mobile banking account that offers an easy way to save your hard-earned bucks. Instead of charging you a bank fee, which sometimes felt like a burden on the head, Chime offers not only an active account and savings account with minimal or no monthly payments it also exempted you of overdue, international fees, and an ATM network. Also, they offer an automated savings plan that offers weekly savings bonuses to their cardholders. Isn’t it the cherry on a cake? Yes, it is. Everyone wants to take the benefits of a chime card, but when chime cards arrive at their doorstep, most people have one common question, how to activate chime cardHow can I activate the Chime card online? Can anybody help me activate my chime card etc.? So considering all these questions in mind, our team has decided to reduce your “activate chime card” burden. So in this blog, we will guide you to activate your chime card in simple steps.

How to Activate Chime Card?

After receiving the chime card, the first thing you need to do is to activate it for further use. You must be thankful to Chime Bank that has done tremendous work by making chime card activation a seamless process.

Chime bank has provided several ways to activate Chime card in no time. You can activate your Chime card by Phone, by Chime mobile app. or simply by Online.

All these options are easy enough to get your Chime card activated in minutes. It depends on you, which method you want to go with.

Activate Chime Card By Activation Number

Activate Chime Card by Smartphone To activate the Chime card by Phone; you need to call the chime card activation number 1-844-244-6363. You need to select option two and press 0 to get in touch with the Chime customer service representative. The customer care representative will ask for basic details and card details to ensure and verify your identity. During customer care calls, be sure to take your necessary information and card details to save your time. Customer care service is available on all seven days, Monday to Saturday, the timing is 7 AM to 7 PM, whereas it is 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.

How To Activate Chime Card by Chime Mobile App

To activate the Chime card via the Mobile app, you need to install Chime Mobile App first then follow the below steps-

  1. Launch the Chime Mobile app and Log in to your Chime account by using email and Password.
  2. After signing in, you will see a message that notifies you to activate your card.
  3. After clicking that message, you will navigate to the Chime card activation page; there, you need to enter your CVV code details in the provided field.
  4. Once you enter your CVV details, you will receive a call that discloses your verification code.
  5. Enter that verification code in the box displaying for activating your chime card.

Activate Chime Card Online

Activate Chime card Online is a bit time taking but it doesn’t mean that it is a tough procedure; follow these steps you will get your Chime card activated-

  1. Go to the Chime Bank online Website
  2. Log in to your account at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your details, such as your Email address and Password, and click on to log in button.
  4. After signing in to your account, just follow the instructions, and you will get your card activated.

Sometimes you may not create your chime account, so you need to make it first by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the homepage’s top right corner. Just fill in your necessary details like your Name, Address, City, Pin Code, Contact details, Email address, and Password. After completing these formalities, your account will be ready to proceed.

After activating the chime card, load your Chime Bank account with some bucks so that your Chime card will be ready to pay your bills, hotel reservations, Fuel, grocery stores, and other utilities.

Benefits of Chime Mobile app

It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The app is far more convenient because it will give you many options to choose from and manage your Chime account effectively and securely.

With the Chime app, you can-

  • Send or Receive money at any time.
  • Get real-time notifications of transactions.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Block your card instantly when misplaces or stolen.

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